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March 26, 2011


Merle collage copyrighted by Connie

NEW! 02-12-2011
to American Spaniel Club and ALL Cocker Spaniel Owners

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Read what American Spaniel Club is doing about the Merle issue
ASC Views UPDATED: March 26, 2010

The newest updates regarding merles and comments are here
UPDATED: March 26, 2011
AKC & BREEDS who have merle in them.please read this newest update

NEW! (2-2011)
An article written on coat colors in Cockers
that appeared in the old Cocker Spaniel Visitor
magazine back in the 1950's
Merle Cocker Spaniel


Is the Merle Am Cocker Spaniel
A valid color/pattern?

Has it been around for many generations
or was it "introduced" by possibly another breed?

Was it a just a mutation that just happened?

Read the story of the Merle Cocker

Read a letter that we received about merle cockers in the 1950's

This site's purpose is for informed education regarding the Merle Cocker Spaniel

Merles are here to stay but
many are being registered
thanks to certain colors
not being allowable through the parent club 
in alarming frequency 
as ROANS..which they are not.

This site will help you to determine the difference 
between a roan and a merle, 
as well as other infomation 
regarding the merle 
and what needs to be done 
about getting this pattern recognized 
by ASC and AKC. 

It's up to YOU to decide the rest 

merle cocker information

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