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Here are some links to study more on merle and associated health links

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White Aussies-Double Merle Congenital Deafness and Its Recognition
From Veterinary Clinics of North America: Small Animal 
Practice-By George Strain, PhD
Genetics Of Coat Colors in Dogs Deaf Dog Education Action Fund
Excellent article on defects in eyes of 
Homozygous merles 
Also explains the spotting factor
Canine Color Genetics Palomino and Merle: Too Much of a Good Thing
DPCA and Their "Z" List
The Doberman Pinscher Club of America
and how they implemented their "Z" list in regards to
white/ albino Dobermans..An alternative program which 
could be used in registering merle cockers
MASC and Merle breeding issues
Steynmere Boxers/Bobtails
Excellent genetic site
Information about merle chihuahuas whether it was a mutation or "cross-bred"
Genetics on Great Danes and Merles Article on Merle from Dr Malcom Willis
Merle Genetics Simplified Canine Genetics Primer & FREE Canine Genetics Software
Cardigan Color Breeding Genmark Canine FAQ's on Merle
 or the
PDF Version