AKC Color Codes
To Try To Use
When Registering 
A Merle Cocker Spaniell

About Breeding Merle Cockers
Merle Cocker Coat Colors

The American Spaniel Club, as all parent breed clubs 
provide an approved acceptable color list to AKC for each breed. 
Because the ASC does not recognize the merle pattern or some other 
colors as valid American Cocker Spaniel colors, the AKC 
cannot list them as an approved pattern on registration papers. 

In the past, merle owners sent in photos of their merle cockers and AKC told them to register
them as roans.Which they are NOT!

We are encouraging all merle cocker owners to contact the ASC and AKC and demand that they 
(the ASC) allow AKC to list merles as merles and as a PATTERN and not a color.
Keep writing, emailing and bothering them untuil they do. A board member from ASC recently said in an email that
ASC hasn't received Few if ANY requests to get merle added as an acceptable color to be listed with AKC.
We all know this is not true, so let's make sure they DO get notified that this needs to be done and done ASAP!
Here is a list of ASC Officers you can contact

In the meantime, please register your merle as the COLOR it is.
Many are adding the word Merle or Elrem or adding the letter "M" to the end of the
dog's registered name 
to verify the dog is a merle

If you have a merle cocker or pup(s), please try and use one of
the codes listed and NOT put the color/marking as ROAN!

AKC right now, will not accept it, but send a photo and the code to AKC for their records. 
The more info they get the more they will press ASC to make a decision

It is suggested that you just use code# 035-Merle Markings

These are acceptable AKC colors and codes, 
only for other breeds. As you can see
the color codes are the same for a 
certain color no matter what breed it is. 
This chart is just an example to 
show you that the codes are no different.

You may need to send in photos of 
the merle along with the registration to 
show AKC that the dog is indeed a merle.

But the main idea here is get these 
merle dogs registered as the pattern they are
and NOT as a roan or any other color!


Here is a letter from AKC to a breeder who was recently trying to register their cocker as a blue merle.
We HAVE to get involved and get ASC to allow this color to be listed!

Thank you for sending the pictures. We will be unable to change the color on this dog to 
Blue Merle as you requested since the American Spaniel Club, 
the National Breed Club, does not  list this as an acceptable color for the breed. 
You will have to direct your concerns to the Secretary:

  Kathleen L. Patterson
P.O. Box 4194
Frankfort, KY 40604-4194
502-352-4290 V
502-352-4291 F

If responding to this e-mail, please attach your original correspondence.

Have a nice day,
Chris Strom
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AKC Color Codes
for write in:

Australian Shepherds 

Blue Merle   050
Catahoula Leopard Dogs 

Blue Merle   050

Blue Merle   050
Blue Merle & White   051
Blue Merle White & Tan   052
Sable Merle & White   277
Sable Merle   166
Blue Merle Markings   033
Sable Merle Markings   032


Great Danes 

Merle   131
Merle Markings   035